De Wit – Fastening and packaging expert for 100 years

De Wit offers you and your company as full service partner with over 100 years of experience in the electrical and hardware sector a wide range of fastening and installation material. Hereby we are staying in the background as an invisible partner and support you with our knowledge and experience when extending your product range.

We are extremely capable


We are production


De Wit stands for fastening and installation products out of our own plastics and metal production – produced after international standards and in premium quality. Our wide product range ensures that we can fill the holes in our customers’ portfolio or build full product ranges from the ground up. Do you have special demands regarding a specific product out of our range or a custom request? We’ll get it done!

We are product range


From small solutions which strengthen or complete the product ranges of our customers to developing full private labels: Here at De Wit, your product range is our main objective. We know the market and supply as a dependable full service partner that what’s missing for manufacturers or wholesalers. Thanks to our wide network, our extensive market knowledge and our optimized sourcing process, we’ll always offer you the solution you need.

We are packaging


We supply whatever our customers need. De Wit also stands for service and diversity regarding packaging. Up to the smallest detail, we are able to arrange everything for our customer while being very flexible in the process. We deliver what you want, how you want it. Do you wish bulk packaging or action boxes, small boxes, bags or custom made full color packaging or labelling? The possibilities are endless!

“We are advisors. We are manufacturers. We get things done. With over 100 years of experience in the market, we are full service partners for everyone who wants to strengthen their own brand with a wide product range or individualized products.”

General Manager de Wit Deutschland / Sales Director
General Manager de Wit Deutschland / Sales Director

De Wit – Helmond


  • 1921 – Founded by J.H. de Wit

  • 1960 – Focus on special nails (hardened steel nails)

  • 1985 – Started in-house plastic production

  • 2004 – New headquarters and manufacturing location in Helmond

  • 2014 – Extension with high-rise warehouse

  • 2016 – Addition of 3 fully automatic packaging lines

  • 2017 – New Plug & Pack bag-packaging machine

  • 2020 – Founding of de Wit Deutschland GmbH

We are your solution


Offering a wide and deep range of products ensures a great competitive advantage. We support manufacturers with a complete product range of fastening and installation material which can be available at any given moment. When your own production capacity is reaching its limits, we are there to help you out with our services. Fast, neutral land assured of the highest quality.

  • Increase capacity limits

  • Ensure a wider product range

  • Achieve a sustainable competitive advantage

  • Ensure flexibility

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We are the experts for private labels


Trade and individualized brands are not inferior to the so called A-brands – Wholesalers know it and its customers too. De Wit builds and shapes the product range and develops full scale individual brands when requested, which gains the wholesaler a sustainable competitive advantage.

Expand product ranges

Advise trade brands

Offer a wide range of products

Assure a sustainable competitive advantage

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Our responsibility

Sustainability at De Wit

We all like living on this earth – and we want, this earth to be preserved as long as possible. Because of this reason, corporate social responsibility is one of our top priorities. Our success cannot come from the expense of human and nature. Eventually we want to justify our profits against our community and the environment. In this way, we are not just looking for short term results, but we are especially going for long term perspectives – for our company, our employees and our environment.