De Wit: Brand manufacturer and full service partner for the electrical and hardware wholesale

We are the expert for trade brands.

Fastening material from the highest quality which will fit in your product range like a hand fits in a glove – sounds relieving? With De Wit, you’ve got yourself a reliable full service partner for trade brands and private labels by your side. Together we will flexibly develop and expand your brand.

When doing this, we are basically invisible – but very skillful! With our support, you will have access to a wider product range, faster availability and a constant high product quality. With our tailored services you will strengthen your own brand which will give you an advantage over your competition!

  • Wide product range for your brand

  • Individualized products for your brand

  • Constant, high product quality

  • Counseling for your private label


We support around the product.

Offering a as wide as possible product range isn’t a piece of cake! With De Wit as reliable partner you will receive market insight, product knowledge and product range overview.

We are not only producing what you’re missing – we develop and source at your wish what you need, like individualized products or special solutions. Next to that we are also offering you a wide array of services. We will kindly assist with for example marketing support, datasheets, product pictures and sales support.

Development and expansion of product ranges.

Next to these services we are also offering you the possibility to develop completely custom products – from the smallest solution for a specific product until the development of a full trade brand with a multitude of different articles. Just tell us what you need to stay ahead of your competition as a electrical or hardware wholesaler and we will find the solution which will fit to your brand, together.

To the product range


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We are quality.

In our own, state-of-the-art De Wit production, we are manufacturing fastening and installation material of the highest quality and in compliance with international standards. It goes without saying that all of our products have been tested after the known accreditation marks. This makes sure that your customers can apply these products safely and carefree.

Above all, we are offering you a wide product range, fast availability and high production capacity in our plastics and metals processing plan. This makes sure you have a wide range of products at your disposal which in the same time, meets all the highest quality standards.

Last but not least, we have positioned ourselves very firmly in the market over the last 100 years. Do you, as a wholesaler of electrical and hardware products need a certain product? We will help you to find the right product in no time!

  • High and constant product quality

  • Production know-how

  • In-house tool manufacturing

  • In-house hardening

  • Flexible capacity

  • Modern machines

  • Certified by ISO 9001 / 14001, in accordance with relevant legislation (REACH, RoHS)

  • Extensive network

  • Great number of partners


We optimize your logistical process.

What happens with your products when they come out of our production? The following steps you can leave to us! Our 100 years of experience applies for our knowledge of stock management and logistics as well.

With understanding for processes and our capacity regarding space and personnel, we make sure that the desired fastening and installation products get delivered wherever you want. From our stock, we supply your enterprise!

Square meter
High-rise warehouse
Pallet locations
Square meter
Goods receival hall
Fully automated
Packaging lines


We are flexible.

The diversification and individualization which we offer as a manufacturer doesn’t stop after our production process. We are consistently carrying this through in our packaging department. From the most various amounts per pack, layouts and labelling until full‑color boxes in all colors you can imagine, we are always flexible and we are always able to bring your wish into realization.

Het maakt niet uit of u uw bevestigings- en installatieproducten in een neutrale verpakking of in een Full-Color verpakking in uw eigen Corporate Identity nodig heeft, wij zullen u erin ondersteunen uw eisen werkelijkheid te maken. Van de inkoop van verpakkingen en etiketten tot de vormgeving van de verpakte goederen. Wij zorgen ervoor dat de producten goed voor de dag komen!

It doesn’t matter if you need your fastening and installation material in a neutral box or in a full‑color packaging in accordance with your corporate identity guidelines, we will always support you to make your demands reality. From purchasing of packaging material and labels to the design of the packaged goods. We make sure that your products stands out on the shelves!

We as packaging experts support you as a wholesaler with the following packaging possibilities:

  • Standard (Market conform)
  • By pieces or weight
  • Individualized in concertation
  • A multitude of boxes
    • Box neutral
    • Box with print
    • Box with window
    • Box with tear-off closing
    • Individualized in concertation
  • A multitude of bags
    • Transparent
    • With print
    • With cartboard
    • Individualized in concertation
  • A multitude of action possibilities
    • Action boxes
    • Products as set
    • Individualized in concertation
  • Buckets
  • Nets
  • Foil
  • A multitude of shipping cartons
    • Shipping carton neutral
    • Shipping carton with print
    • Individualized in concertation
  • Bulk
  • A multitude of labels
    • Label black/white
    • Label with full-color CI
    • Label complete full-color
    • Individualized in concertation
  • A multitude of labelling possibilities
    • Label on side
    • Label on front side
    • Label on cover
    • Label around the corner (two sides)
    • Multiple labels per box
    • Bag labeling
    • Shipping carton labelling
    • Individualized in concertation
  • On one-way pallets
  • On return pallets
  • Individualized in concertation
  • Packaging layout
  • Packaging design
  • Label layout
  • Label design
  • Professional pictograms an product images
  • Realization of your CI
  • Individualized in concertation


We are brand quality.

Products from De Wit enhance your brand quality, versatility and availability. With our wide product range and our market knowledge in the fastening and installation sectors we are at your side, neutral and reliable.

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