De Wit: Partner for manufacturers & OEM in the electrical and hardware sector

We are your brand promise.

As full service partner for trade brands and individualized products, we are your partner in the world of fastening and fixing. Products from De Wit will seamlessly flow into you premium product range. Our neutrality gives you therefore the chance to position your brand firmly onto the market.

We are staying available in the background and from there on out we are doing our job. From the purchasing, production and layout of your carton to the complete logistics of your fastening products. With De Wit as your reliable OEM-partner, your sustainable competitive advantage will rise to great altitudes. This will establish a strong bond between you and your own customers. Enforce your brand with a wide product range, quick availability and a constant product quality! We are by your side.

  • A wider range for your brand

  • Individualized products for your brand

  • Constant, high product quality

  • High capacity


We complete your product range.

Fastening and fixing material of the highest quality, packaged and labeled as you wish – that’s our take on completing your product range fast, flexible and reliable. Do you have some holes in your product range which need to bee filled? Do you want to deliver other sectors or country specific? Does own production take up to much effort? Maybe you are just in need of an individual product development…

With De Wit as your OEM partner, you have found the answer to all of your questions!

Whatever you are missing, we will manufacture flexible, fast and reliable in our in-house plastics and metal processing. Because of our competent stock management and our efficient logistics, you will stay independent and you can receive your great products at the end of the process – all packaged and labeled however you want it.

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We are quality.

In 100 years of company history we have gathered a valuable treasure of experience. Combined with our innovative technology, this forms the foundation for our manufacturing competence. We complete you product range with top of the bill quality products out of our in-house processing of plastics and metal. This isn’t only mass production, because we can also develop tailor-made products after your demands which strengthen your product range even more.

Your not only searching for quality, but also for capacity? Thanks to our state-of-the-art machine park and professional project management, we can accept orders of almost unlimited volumes. Which find their way through our professional stock management and logistics to your customer in no time.

  • High and constant product quality

  • Production know-how

  • In-house tool manufacturing

  • In-house hardening

  • Flexible capacity

  • Modern machines

  • Certified by ISO 9001 / 14001, in accordance with relevant legislation (REACH, RoHS)


We optimize your logistical process.

The manufacturing of products from the highest quality, is only half our strength – We as De Wit are striving for the full package. Of course we are talking about our skill of packaging and logistics. We finalize your product range of fastening systems not only by “simple” production, but we’ll also arrange everything which comes next.

We have capacity for storing goods and great knowledge of logistical and delivery processes. Our high-rise warehouse alone has already 9.400 extra pallet locations. From there we will supply your company.

Square meter
High-rise warehouse
Pallet locations
Square meter
Goods receival hall
Fully automated
Packaging lines


We are flexible.

The diversification and individualization which we offer as a manufacturer doesn’t stop after our production process. We are consistently carrying this through in our packaging department. From the most various amounts per pack, layouts and labelling until full‑color boxes in all colors you can imagine, we are always flexible and we are always able to bring your wish into realization.

It doesn’t matter if you need your fastening and installation material in a neutral box or in a full‑color packaging in accordance with your corporate identity guidelines, we will always support you to make your demands reality. We make sure that you can present your products with pride – from purchasing of packaging material and labels to the design of the packaged goods.

From these packaging possibilities you can choose as a manufacturer. In this way you can add some extra fastening products to your product range:

  • Standard (Market conform)
  • By pieces or weight
  • Individualized in concertation
  • A multitude of boxes
    • Box neutral
    • Box with print
    • Box with window
    • Box with tear-off closing
    • Individualized in concertation
  • A multitude of bags
    • Transparent
    • With print
    • With cartboard
    • Individualized in concertation
  • A multitude of action possibilities
    • Action boxes
    • Products as set
    • Individualized in concertation
  • Buckets
  • Nets
  • Foil
  • A multitude of shipping cartons
    • Shipping carton neutral
    • Shipping carton with print
    • Individualized in concertation
  • Bulk
  • A multitude of labels
    • Label black/white
    • Label with full-color CI
    • Label complete full-color
    • Individualized in concertation
  • A multitude of labelling possibilities
    • Label on side
    • Label on front side
    • Label on cover
    • Label around the corner (two sides)
    • Multiple labels per box
    • Bag labeling
    • Shipping carton labelling
    • Individualized in concertation
  • On one-way pallets
  • On return pallets
  • Individualized in concertation
  • Packaging layout
  • Packaging design
  • Label layout
  • Label design
  • Professional pictograms an product images
  • Realization of your CI
  • Individualized in concertation


We are brand quality.

With De Wit you have got yourself a skillful OEM Partner by your side, who will support you wherever you need it. Our 100 years of experience in the market brings you a clear advantage. We are counselors, we are manufacturers and logistical specialists and we strengthen your firm in our own neutral way.

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